Notwithstanding the entire infrastructure available, a school is ultimately only as good as its teachers. On this point too, The Jayotri academy scores highly. Each faculty member has had an excellent academic career coupled with professional training in teaching, besides adequate work experience in some  schools of India. The teachers stay on campus, which ensures their accessibility even during late hours at the time of examinations. As far as the academic curriculum goes, Jayotri  follows the CBSE syllabus for all its classes from I to X. Well-equipped laboratories for different subjects are provided to ensure that students get adequate exposure in their practical classes.

Cultural Events: Encouraging them to participate in events related to all the important festivals celebrated in India at the given time of the year. Holi, Rakshabandha, Rabindrajayanti, Republic day, Independence day, Deepawali, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day and the school’s Annual Day are some of the occasions we will celebrate, not just for fun and enjoyment, but for our students to understands the essence of these festivities better.

House System: We will have three houses, where all the students will be divided equally, based on which they will be allotted group activities throughout the year. Through this they will be learning the virtues of co-operation, co-relation and putting ‘We’ ahead of ‘I’.

Parents teacher meeting: Regular parent-teacher interaction is encouraged by us, and hence a parent-teacher meeting will be held after very important. Young children spend more time at home than they do in school. They adopt values, attitudes and life-styles of the family or the immediate environment they live in. Home is the first school and school is the second home for them. As long as a coordination is not there between the two homes or two schools, a child’s development will not be up to make. That is why we are so keen on making sure that our visions match your own hopes for your child’s future.

To do so, regular parent- teacher interaction is encouraged by us, and hence a parent-teacher meeting will be held after every important examination in school. Parents who would wish to meet any teacher, can meet them on every Friday (thing will be as per your schedule) to discuss the progress of their child.

Teaching methodology: Only bookish knowledge is not our aim. By our teaching methods multi – dimensional education is given to the students. Whatever they study in books, are cleared them by teaching equipments.

Syllabus division: Syllabus division is not only based on FAs and SAs but also divided weekly. By this way we put a fresh competitive feeling among students. This takes them to advance in study by their own.

Login Register: It is another method which shows an account of day to day teaching of the schools. It guides the students to know their left out work in case they miss the school.

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