Our Vision & Mission

Student V/s A Complete Human

Being a good student alone does not guarantee a success in life. You need to be the complete man. You must be able to take care of all the aspects of your life- inwardly and outwardly. We understand it. That’s why our purpose is to facilitate balanced growth and development of the totality of the individual’s potentialities. We want our students to be able to live life fully and beautifully. Not only do we want to prepare them academically, but prepare them for life. We want our students to develop into independent all-rounders, who will make a niche for themselves in whichever territory they embark upon.

Mono-dimensional V/s Multi-dimensional education

Our current attitudes in education are narrowly, almost mono-dimensionally, oriented towards ‘mind’ or intellectual knowledge and understanding. We believe that movement towards a complete education requires engagement in as many dimensions as possible, that the development of the brain alone is not enough and taking care of physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual aspects or dimensions of a child is also needed. We call it the Multi-dimensional education. You can call it the multi-faceted or the ‘holistic’ education as well. This is where future belongs to.

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