Taking care of the confident ‘I’ side

  • Promoting Self-worth: Children need to learn to first value themselves, their worth, and recognize their abilities and how to be able to do what they want in life. That is why we treat them as individuals.
  • Making them believe in their abilities: Personal attention from committed teachers identifies the abilities of each child, and encourages them to develop the confidence and determination to make full use of those abilities. We will specially focus on building confidence and enhancing communication skills.
  • Leadership Training: The discipline and day to day activities of the school will be managed by the effective members of the student council, prefects and monitors. These students will be selected by a team of teachers.

Taking care of the communal ‘we’ side

We wish to develop young people whose worlds are not centered upon them alone. Children also need to learn about relationships, social bonding, living in a community and getting along with different kinds of people. We call it ‘Social intelligence’. As our societies are becoming increasingly pluralist, complex, and self-centered, developing this ‘we’ factor is going to be more difficult as well as more necessary. Following are the ways we look to achieve this:

  • Celebrations all around: Encouraging them to participate in events related to all the important festivals celebrated in India at the given time of the year. Holi, Rakshabandhan, RabindraJayanti, Republic Day, Independence Day, Deepawali, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and the school’s Annual Day are some of the occasions we will celebrate, not just for fun and enjoyment, but for our students to understand the essence of these festivities better.
  • We are introducing a house system: We will have three houses, where all the students will be divided equally, based on which they will be allotted group activities throughout the year. Through this they will be learning the virtues of co-operation, co-relation and putting ‘we’ ahead of ‘I’.
  • Instilling values through life skills: In an age where all lament over the degradation of values, Jayotri Academy promises you to take up the teaching of life skills through school cinema. The students will see the movies exclusively designed for their age group, discussions will be carried out and later thoughts will be projected in the worksheets. Thus even the dull topics will become lively and touch the hearts of students.

The practical aspect of life skills is to make the students aware of their responsibilities towards the society.

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