Why Jayotri Academy?

1 Taking care of the communal ‘we’ side

We wish to develop young people whose worlds are not centered upon them alone. Children also need to learn about relationships, social bonding, living in a community and getting along with different kinds of people. We call it ‘Social intelligence’. As our societies are becoming increasingly pluralist, complex, and self-centered, developing this ‘we’ factor is going to be more difficult as well as more necessary. Following are the ways we look to achieve this:

  • Celebrations all around: Encouraging them to participate in events related to all the important festivals celebrated in India at the given time of the year. Holi, Rakshabandhan, RabindraJayanti, Republic Day, Independence Day, Deepawali, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and the school’s Annual Day are some of the occasions we will celebrate, not just for fun and enjoyment, but for our students to understand the essence of these festivities better.
  • We are introducing a house system: We will have three houses, where all the students will be divided equally, based on which they will be allotted group activities throughout the year. Through this they will be learning the virtues of co-operation, co-relation and putting ‘we’ ahead of ‘I’.
  • Instilling values through life skills: In an age where all lament over the degradation of values, Jayotri Academy promises you to take up the teaching of life skills through school cinema. The students will see the movies exclusively designed for their age group, discussions will be carried out and later thoughts will be projected in the worksheets. Thus even the dull topics will become lively and touch the hearts of students.

The practical aspect of life skills is to make the students aware of their responsibilities towards the society.

2 Taking care of the ‘Creative’ side

Emotional development, or what has become known as ‘emotional intelligence,’ is of fundamental importance. Developing emotional intelligence has been shown to be crucial for intellectual development, social development, aesthetic development, and health. And ‘creative expression’ is the key to promote emotional intelligence. Following are the ways we look to achieve this through:

  • Air-conditioned auditorium: Dance and drama are dimensionally the richest educational activities which foster the development of feelings and emotions, soul or spirit. Imagination is also exercised.
    Keeping this in mind we boast of our own air-conditioned auditorium where creative performances will be given by the students on a regular basis. We will ensure that these opportunities are not restricted to elite performers; we invite all to participate, for all can learn from and enjoy their experience. The auditorium has 100 comfortable push-back recliners, which will make the whole experience of witnessing an event there enjoyable for the students and other guests.
  • An Art & Craft room: The main teaching building includes an Art & Craft room that encourages children to explore a wide variety of mediums in a workshop environment. Art & craft competitions will be held time to time in order to encourage more and more children to take on these activities.

3 Taking care of the ‘intellectual’ side

Intellectual development has nothing to do with memorizing more and more facts or gathering lots of information that eventually becomes a burden on the mind. Intellectual development takes place when an eagerness to learn arises from within, or when you develop an interest for learning itself. This happens when a child is allowed, in initial stages, to learn things that seem to be interesting or meaningful to him. And that too with a pace he is comfortable with. We understand it. Our interactive classrooms and patient teachers are committed to bring this wisdom into action. To assist them in the deed, we also have:

  • Reading Mahotsava: In order to enhance the literary skills of our students the school ushers in Reading Mahotsava at the commencement of the academic session which spans the summer month and culminates in July. A Plethora of literary activities like: books, dissemination, characterization, synopsis presentation and creative writing will be organized to commemorate the event. Reading Mahotsava will culminate with price distribution to the winners.
  • Workshops and seminars: Workshops and seminars will be organized for teachers as well as students to keep them abreast with the latest happening in the education hub.
  • Educational trip: Educational trips will be organized to enhance the knowledge and to promote the interest in academics.
  • A well-stocked library, where not only story (fiction/non-fiction) books, but reference material will also be made available to the students. The library can be used by them during their free time and lunch breaks, along with a regular library hour allotted to them once/twice in a week.
  • An air-conditioned computer laboratory, with as many as …… computers. Students will be introduced to the subject from the very beginning, and progress will be made as per their age and readiness.

 4 Taking care of the ‘Inventive’ side

  • Quest – The Science Fest: An annual science exhibition, where students will display their scientific thoughts through working models, charts and displays. The pre-primary and primary classes participate in Quest – The Science Fest utilizing the project – based pedagogy.
  • A composite Science laboratory, which will be working on practical experiments from their theoretical understanding of sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Measures will be taken to ensure the students safety while working on experiments.

5 Taking care of the ‘sporty’ side

  • We encourage not only academic, but physical development of our students as well. Games and sports is a regular feature in our institute where the students’ health, fitness, strength of the will, team spirit and determination will be looked into, while making the whole experience enjoyable. To do so we do have:
  • A huge lush garden-cum-playground, where games and activities will be regularly conducted for students of all classes, which will also be made mandatory.
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